Acutonics (Sound Vibrational Healing)

Color Puncture

Reiki Master

Body Vibration Frequency Recoding®

Family B.E.S.T.

C.O.R.E. (Cell & Organ Regeneration)

Shamanic Healing

Energy Movement Facilitator

Crystal Healing

Cold Laser Therapy


Custom Healing Pouches

Tarot/Angel Card Readings

Spiritual Counselor














My goal is to provide the best possible service to my clients. The healing

techniques I use are:  Acutonics (Sound Vibration Healing), Reiki, various

Energy Movement techniques, Crystals, and Native American healing

techniques.  More than one technique may be used during a session.

I use intuitive bioenergetics and focused intention to determine which

techniques will best serve my client at that present time.