Acutonics (Sound Vibrational Healing)

Medical Intuitive

Color Puncture

Reiki Master

Body Vibration Frequency Recoding®

Family B.E.S.T.

C.O.R.E. (Cell & Organ Regeneration)

Energy Movement Facilitator

Crystal Healing

Cold Laser Therapy


Custom Healing Pouches

Channeled and Angel Card Readings

Spiritual Counselor 

My goal is to provide the best possible service to my clients. The healing

techniques I use are:  Acutonics (Sound Vibration Healing), Reiki, various

Energy Movement techniques, Crystals, and Native American healing

techniques.  More than one technique may be used during a session.

I use intuitive bioenergetics and focused intention to determine which

techniques will best serve my client at that present time.

I am am so excited to announce a new addition to my service lineup. Introducing the New generation Crystal gemstone Infrared Cocoon!

Crystal gemstone Infrared Cocoon_h300

Engulf yourself in wellness enhancing Far Infrared rays and PEMF therapy you can climb directly into!The 360 wrap is the newest innovation in gemstone technology that gives exposure to the most comprehensive full body experience to date. Relax in the presence of far infrared rays, negative ions, and pulsed electromagnetic field therapies.  Undergo expedited detoxification and joint pain relief with minimal effort. Feel the tension escape your muscles as your energy levels rapidly replenish. Try the 360 wrap today and feel unparalleled euphoric relaxation and pain relief!