New generation Crystal gemstone Infrared Cocoon

Crystal gemstone Infrared Cocoon_h300

Engulf yourself in wellness enhancing Far Infrared rays and PEMF therapy you can climb directly into!The 360 wrap is the newest innovation in gemstone technology that gives exposure to the most comprehensive full body experience to date. Relax in the presence of far infrared rays, negative ions, and pulsed electromagnetic field therapies. Undergo expedited detoxification and joint pain relief with minimal effort. Feel the tension escape your muscles as your energy levels rapidly replenish. Try the 360 wrap  today and feel unparalleled euphoric relaxation and pain relief!

• Far Infrared Sauna
• Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy
• Gemstone Therapy with Tourmaline, Amethyst, Obsidian, and Jade-Negative Ion Therapy


• Strengthens Immune System
• Eases Muscle Pain and Joint Stiffness
• Reduces Inflammation
• Helps with Circulation
• Detoxification
• Promotes Better Digestion
• Burn Calories
• Scientifically Linked to Lower Levels of Stress and Anxiety
• Helps Clear Electromagnetic Pollution
• Much More!

• Produces the greatest amount of negative ions
• Revitalizes your energy levels and detoxifies your body
• Emits a strong and steady flow of far infrared and negative ions
• Promotes better wellness and overall quality of life
• Comes in a crushed form that conforms well to the shape of your body
• Type of volcanic rock similar to Basalt, which is often used in hot stone massage sessions
• Assists in the cleansing of heavy metals
• Helps the body function more efficiently by returning your energy and mood levels closer to normal, Jade emits a low heat that produces a calming sensation good for relaxation and meditation