What Is Sekhem

Sekhem (Ancient Egyptian Healing)

Sekhem is an ancient Egyptian form of channeled healing energy. There are many healing systems, operating on different frequencies and vibrational levels. Most people are familiar with Reiki which emerged in the Western world in the 1970s followed by Seichim. Even though some practitioners believe that Reiki and Seichim are the roots of energy healing, scrolls found in ancient Egyptian ruins suggest that Sekhem pre-dates both Reiki and Seichim.

Sekhem is believed to be the healing energy practiced by the Priesthood in the temples of ancient Egypt, prior to that its origins were in both Atlanta and Lemuria. In ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, the word Sekhem is represented by the Sekhem Scepter, symbolizing power and authority.  The scrolls that have been found indicate that Sekhem means ‘Power’ or ‘Might’ and is described as “Pure Living Light”.

Sekhem is not just a healing energy. It is a complete energy system working instantaneously on the body, mind, emotions and subtle spiritual bodies with a focus on the heart center, channeled from complete love and light at a very high vibration that heals at a deeper level.

Sekhem energy is very balanced and has a gentle loving aspect. A perfect balance between masculine and feminine energies, quickly restoring personal balance with each healing session.

Sekhem works on a totally different concept and philosophy to other healing energy systems. Like intuition Sekhem operates beyond time and space, right down to the core of our problems and belief systems at soul level. Because of its vibration the process for healing is activated through channeled energy. It is often described as the nearest thing to unconditional love that could be experienced. It is a deeply relaxing and expanding experiencing, accelerating the infinite process of spiritual development and enlightenment.